Doncaster teacher denies teen sex charges

Paul Worrall, 32, leaving Sheffield Crown Court. Picture: Andrew Roe
Paul Worrall, 32, leaving Sheffield Crown Court. Picture: Andrew Roe

A former teacher at one of Doncaster’s biggest schools committed a string of sexual offences against a teenage girl after grooming her over social media, a court heard.

Paul Worrall, aged 31, has gone on trial accused of a number of offences including sexual activity with a girl aged under 16, and attempted rape.

Worrall was a history teacher at the time he is alleged to have carried out the offences, on the same girl.

She cannot be identified for legal reasons.

The offences are said to have taken place between 2011 and 2013.

David Hall, prosecuting, told Sheffield Crown Court that Worrall ‘groomed’ the girl through a number of interactions, some of which took place on social media.

Mr Hall told the court Worrall had admitted to encouraging the girl, who was under 16 when the relationship began, to participate in sexual activity over Facebook.

He said: “On examination of Facebook accounts he had been encouraging her to engage in sexual activity.”

Mr Hall said the pair eventually had ‘consensual intercourse’ once she was 16.

The court heard Worrall has admitted at an earlier hearing having consensual sex and sexually touching the girl when she was 16. He denies sexual activity with a girl under 16, and attempted rape.

In interview, the girl said the relationship began with Worrall complimenting her, which later led to him expressing his explicit sexual fantasies.

The teenager admitted being attracted to the defendant initially, but added she had been ‘scared’ by him, and said there had been unwanted sexual touching and advances from Worrall.

She admitted she had replicated the sexual language used by Worrall, over Facebook and via text messages, because she was in fear of him ‘getting angry’ with her, and knew how ‘strong’ he was.

Worrall attempted to get the girl to visit him in his home, then in Leeds, while he had a ‘free house’ - due to his girlfriend at the time, who he lived with, being away for the night.

The girl said Worrall offered to pay her train fare to Leeds, and grew angry when she refused.

The court heard the attempted rape took place when she was under 16.

South Yorkshire Police became aware of the relationship after the girl’s messages from Worrall were discovered by her sister and were then reported, the court heard.

The court was told Worrall, now of Oldham, Lancashire, was arrested in August last year.

The trial continues.

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