Doncaster robbery victim recalls raid terror

Mohammed Khader of Lifestyle Express in Rockingham Road.
Mohammed Khader of Lifestyle Express in Rockingham Road.

A shopkeeper has praised police for making a quick arrest after his store was targeted by a robber armed with a gun.

Mohammed Khader, who fled war-torn Iraq, believes the weapon brandished at the friend looking after his Lifestyle Express shop on Rockingham Road, Wheatley, on Wednesday was real.

Detectives are still searching for a second man in connection with the robbery and another raid just over four hours later at the Beckett Road News shop, only a few hundred yards away. Mr Khader, aged 39, had just gone to collect his children from school and left friend Showan Hameed, 42, behind the counter.

He said: “This guy came in who I know because he buys an energy drink every day.

“He’d been in earlier trying to sell me something but I said no because I don’t buy from anyone. I think he waited until Showan was here instead of me.”

Mr Khader said his friend handed over about £120 from the till. He was shaking afterwards because he is sure it was a real gun. Because we’re from Iraq we have seen lots of different types of gun.

“We came from Iraq 16 years ago to get away from this sort of thing. This is a very good and firm country and I am very pleased the police have caught a suspect.

“This could have been very dangerous for my friend. He has got children and is still shaking today.”

Mr Khader believes the second man who is wanted by police may have been outside in an intoxicated state.

Staff at Beckett Road News declined to comment on the second robbery, at 7.25pm, in which a small quantity of cash was taken.

Armed police were drafted into the Wheatley area on Wednesday afternoon to search for the alleged robber.

Nobody was injured during the incidents and no shots were fired.

Police are no longer looking for a second man wanted in connection with the robberies.

A spokesman said a second suspect had been eliminated from their enquiries.

A 39-year-old Wheatley man arrested yesterday is still in police custody being questioned.