Doncaster police warn of more premeditated muggings

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Doncaster detectives say they are concerned that more ‘premeditated’ muggings could take place across the borough if the culprits responsible for attacking a man outside his home are not caught.

The incident occurred at around 11pm on Friday (October 16) when as the 58-year-old victim was returning to his home in Station Road he was approached by four men, who had their faces covered and were armed with metal bars.

They hit him with the weapons before taking a quantity of cash from his car.

They ran off towards the Crescent and got into a dark-coloured car, which drove off.

Police Constable Mark Parry from Doncaster described it as ‘a very nasty attack’.

He added: “We believe this incident was planned some time in advance, as the suspects knew that the victim would be in possession of a quantity of cash and roughly what time he would be making his way home.


Man attacked with metal bar outside Doncaster home

“This premeditation makes it even more important that we identify those responsible in case they decide to target someone else.

“The victim is lucky to have only sustained bruising to his arms.

“This could have been much worse, given the weapons held by the suspects and how violent their actions were.

“I’d urge anyone that thinks they might know something to get in touch with police. No matter how small or insignificant you think a piece of information might be, it could be vital to helping us solve this vicious crime.

“If you’d rather not speak directly to police, you can always ring Crimestoppers and pass on information anonymously, via 0800 555 111.”

The culprits are believed to be young men who are white, around 5ft 9ins tall, and of average build, and one is described as either having blonde or red hair.

Call South Yorkshire Police on 101, quoting incident number 1267 of 16 October 2015.