Doncaster men avoid prison after attack on young woman and her boyfriend

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Two young men hid in some bushes and then attacked a young couple as they left a party in Doncaster, a court heard.

Quinlan Ian Simms and Kellum Edmunds had previously been kicked out of the gathering at a house in Cantley when they set upon a young woman and her boyfriend.

The pair narrowly avoided an immediate jail sentence after Sheffield Crown Court heard they had left the couple injured and bleeding, with the young woman suffering from concussion.

Zaiban Alam, prosecuting, said there was a disagreement at the party on May 3 last year between the couple and the defendants over the welfare of another young woman.

Ms Alam said: “The complainants came to the conclusion that she was so drunk she could barely stand up or speak. She said she wanted to go home.

“The female complainant said she would arrange for a taxi but Simms said he was going to take her home with Edmunds.

“There was some suggestion there was some sexual activity to take place at his house. The female complainant said they couldn’t do that because the girl was drunk.”

There was a scuffle and Simms and Edmunds were subsequently told to leave.

At about 2.30am, the couple also left the party.

Ms Alam said: “At that point both defendants emerged from the bushes despite being ejected from the party an hour earlier.

“Fearing he was going to be attacked, the male complainant fled, running down the street. Both the defendants chased him and began punching him around the head and body.

“The female complainant, for her part, grabbed Simms and hit out in an effort to protect her boyfriend. The next thing she remembers was being on the floor.”

The woman was left with a cut to the ear and concussion after Simms punched her.

Apprentice joiner Simms, aged 20, of Packington Road, and apprentice plumber Edmunds, aged 19, of Greenfield Gardens, both Cantley, then ran away.

Robert Stevenson, for Simms, said: “He is thoroughly ashamed of himself and he has brought shame upon what is a good family. His mother certainly didn’t bring up her son to behave the way he did that night.

Christopher Morton, for Edmunds, said: “He regrets and expresses remorse for what happened that evening.”

Simms, who admitted two ABH offences, was sentenced to a 14-month suspended prison sentence and 240 hours of unpaid work. Edmunds, who admitted one ABH charge, got a 10-month suspended jail term and 160 hours of unpaid work.