Doncaster Indian takeaway fined for “meat substitution”

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NEWS: News.

An Indian takeaway has been ordered to pay out more than £1,800 after it was found to be passing off a mixture of cheaper meats as lamb kebabs.

Elachi Indian Restaurant, in Mill Street, Armthorpe, was discovered to be making the switch after Food Officers at Doncaster Council carried out food sampling in 2014.

The takeaway was substituting lamb mince for a mix of beef, mutton and chicken in its Lamb Sheek Kebab.

At a hearing at Doncaster Magistrate’s Court on June 2 Elachi Indian Restaurants Ltd pleaded guilty to meat substitution.

It was fined £1,000 and ordered to pay £837.87 costs.

Councillor Chris McGuinness, Cabinet Member for Communities and the Voluntary Sector, said: “Food fraud is committed when dishes are deliberately placed on the market for financial gain with the intention of deceiving the consumer.

“Doncaster Council takes strong action against businesses who seek to rip off their customers and make a quick profit through such activity.”

A spokesman from Elachi said the restaurant would be changing its meat supplier following the incident: “We feel like we’ve been punished for something that isn’t our fault, we were completely unaware of this, it’s the supplier who made the blunder.”