Doncaster family’s cat is ‘savaged to death’ by dogs

Kristian Tate, 18, holds a picture of Felix. Picture: Marie
Kristian Tate, 18, holds a picture of Felix. Picture: Marie

A Doncaster family has been left distraught after their pet cat was savaged to death.

Dellana Tate and her two sons have buried Felix in the garden of their Scawsby home after a neighbour discovered his remains on the nearby Roman Ridge on Monday teatime.

Mrs Tate is warning other pet owners in the area to take extra care because of the gangs of young men roaming the historic byway with pitbull terrier-type dogs.

And she fears children playing there may also be placed in danger of being attacked by the dogs.

Felix went missing last Wednesday evening and despite an extensive search by Mrs Tate and sons Liam and Kristian there was no sign of their pet until Monday when a neighbour reported finding the remains of a black and white cat.

Said Mrs Tate: “My cat has been set upon by these dogs and left dead in a field behind the house, a torn up and mangled mess. Felix was in such a state that we couldn’t identify him at first, but we did so by pictures of him.

“I phoned the RSPCA and the police to report it and the police don’t seem to think it’s important enough to send officers out even though young children are playing out round here and taking their dogs for a walk. It’s terrible.

“Unfortunately for us he has been killed after being baited and set upon by dogs. These dogs are in fact American Pit Bull terriers, six of them, who are being led up and down the Roman Ridge by scum who cannot control them and threaten people if they say anything to them.”

The Tates have sent a letter to other residents of the Layden Drive area warning them of the potential danger. “It’s absolutely barbaric and we wouldn’t wish it on anyone to find a much loved family pet in such a terrible state.”

A spokesman for South Yorkshire Police said the Safer Neighbourhood Team had been informed of the cat’s death and would be looking into it but they had received no other reports of similar incidents. “It is very difficult to establish if an animal has died as the result of malicious intent.” The matter has also been reported to the RSPCA.