Doncaster crime round-up, May 21: Cigarette thieves raid supermarket; Lifesaving equipment stolen

News from The Star
News from The Star

The following offences were reported on May 20 and 21.

Bawtry: A second Doncaster supermarket has been raided by cigarette thieves in two days. Raiders struck at the Co-op on High Street on 2am this morning and police think they may have been the same people who broke in at the Sainsbury’s store in Sprotbrough the previous day. They forced open the shutters and took the cigarettes from inside. They are thought to have been driving a black Audi A5, which was then driven off towards Harworth. Police are examining closed circuit television pictures of the incident. Officers are appealing for anyone who is offered cigarettes to contact them on 101.

Hatfield Woodhouse: Lifesaving medical equipment has been stolen from Scotts Company UK Ltd’s base on Stainforth Moor Road. The defibrillator, used to help restart patients’ hearts after heart attacks, is thought to have been taken between April 15 and May 19. Police are concerned about the theft. Supt Eddie Murphy said: “This is a crime which could potentially cost someone their life. They may not realise they have taken a life saving piece of medical equipment. It is no use for anything but its intended purpose. All stealing it has done is endanger life.”

Balby: Two men broke into a house on Arden Gate, Balby, on Tuesday afternoon and stole £200. They forced a cylinder lock in the door and were later seen running away from the address at 12.45pm. Both were described as 5ft 11ins tall, aged 25, and of heavy build.

Balby: A sat nav and a power washer were stolen from a house on Whisperwood Drive, between 8.30pm Sunday and 6am Monday. The padlock had been forced off.

Hatfield: A steam iron was stolen from an outbuilding at house on High Street. It was broken into between 8.30am and 8.50am on Tuesday.

Sprotbrough: A mountain bike valued at £300 was stolen from a garage by thieves who broke in at Westmorland Way. They got in through an insecure side door between 10pm on Monday and 7am on Tuesday.

Town centre: A man saw a thief in a hoodie riding away after stealing his bike on Market Road. The bike had been left unlocked outside a shop while he went in to buy something. at 10.50am on Tuesday.

Balby Bridge: A 13 year old boy’s BMX bike was stolen from outside shops on St James Street. He had left it outside the shop between 5.50pm and 6pm on Tuesday.

Bentley: A bike was stolen from outside the Exercise for Less gym on York Road. The bike had been locked to a cycle rack at 7.15pm on Tuesday. Two people were seen taking it but police there is no description of them.

Thorne: Jeans were stolen off a washing line at a house on Inglenook Drive. They were taken between Monday 6pm and Tuesday at 3am.

Conisbrough: Four solar lights were stolen from a communal area at The Oval on Monday night. One of the lights was found smashed on the lawn, which is shared by around 100 flats, said police. The raid was between 11pm on Monday and 3pm on Tuesday.