CTTV clues as police hunt for shop raiders

THESE crucial CCTV images hold the key to nailing a callous gang who combined to steal rare Indian jewellery worth £30,000 from a heartbroken elderly couple.

Detectives are urging anyone who recognises the people caught on camera to come forward with information.

Kirpal Singh Bahra, 78, and his wife Narinder Kaur Bahra, 74, were left shocked after discovering sentimental items had been taken in a sneaky distraction burglary.

Precious jewellery stolen in the raid included gold rings, ear-rings, pendants and bangles which had been given to Mrs Bahra at her wedding almost 60 years ago.

Mr Bahra said he and his wife were distracted by two men and two women who walked into their Groceries and Booze convenience store in High Street, Hatfield.

As the four started talking to the trusting couple at the counter, another woman sneaked through the back into their living quarters.

The couple did not realise the irreplaceable jewellery, brought over to the UK when they moved from India in 1978, had been stolen from their bedroom until Mrs Bahra returned home for evening prayer.

Anyone with information about the incident, which happened around 4pm on March 1, should call 0114 220 2020 quoting A/21570/2011.