Crackdown on nuisance bikes in Doncaster

Cyclist on the pavement
Cyclist on the pavement

Cyclists are facing a crackdown after worried pedestrians complained to police about riders on pavements in Doncaster.

Police are launching a bid to stop those who take their bikes onto the pedestrian precincts like Waterdale and Baxtergate after seeing public concerns rise.

Officers have warned they will be stopping cyclists who are caught flouting the rules.

Supt Eddie Murphy said: “We’ve had a number of complaints about people riding on the pavements.

“There have been concerns raised particularly in Waterdale and Baxtergate. The cyclists will say they are frightened of going on the roads but they have to understand they need to dismount until they get to a road.

“We will be stopping people and speaking to them.

“We will be cracking down on this and people should start to realise that it won’t be tolerated, but it is causing problems at the moment.

“People will be stopped and advised, and we will be checking bikes while we’re doing this.

“Advice will be given initially, with enforcement if needed. I want people to assist us by riding sensibly.

“We are also hoping that will give us a chance to look at bikes and check they are not stolen, as we have had a number of cases of stolen bikes recently.”

The move comes after 12 bikes were stolen in Doncaster this week alone.

However, Sustrans, a charity enabling people to travel by foot, bike or public transport said the number of cyclists breaking the rules are in a minority.

A spokesman added: “People who break the rules on their bike, like those in cars, are a minority – most road users try to do the right thing.”