Council police and licensees helping Pubs in South Yorkshire thrive

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NEWS: News.

Licensees from around Doncaster are working closely with Doncaster Council and South Yorkshire Police to ensure the thriving evening economy goes from strength to strength.

Pubwatch schemes from around the borough are united with the message that unacceptable behaviour will not be tolerated in or around licensed premises. To reinforce this the Council and Police are supporting a new campaign called “Don’t Get Barred” to remind anyone thinking of spoiling an otherwise good night that their actions could result in a ban from all participating venues in the area.

With a full line up of events planned, including MAPfest, Doncaster Live and the ever popular St. Leger Festival, Doncaster is set to welcome thousands of visitors old and new.

Francie Marron, Chairman of the Town Centre Pubwatch, said: “Pubs around Doncaster have a well-earned reputation for offering a great night out. By Pubwatch having the support of the Police and The Council and working closely with schemes such as Best Bar None we offer a safe environment for our customers to relax and enjoy themselves”.

Mayor of Doncaster, Ros Jones, said: “We are pleased to support the ‘Don’t Get Barred’ campaign because this is an important reminder about the borough’s zero tolerance approach to crime and anti-social behaviour. We want to make the town as safe as possible for our residents and the large numbers of visitors that we welcome to our ever popular night time economy and annual events.”

Sergeant Steve Butler said: “South Yorkshire Police continue to work in partnership with Pubwatch and support their campaign. Police in Doncaster are keen to ensure that people have a safe and enjoyable night out in the town.”