Cops find drugs haul

Cannabis plants.
Cannabis plants.

Dearne cops were led by the nose to a major drug operation in a house at Goldthorpe.

An officer from the Dearne SNT investigated a smell from a house in West Street and when they entered officers discovered a mass of cannabis plants growing inside.

An SNT spokesman said: “There were plants absolutely everywhere, it was hard to move for them. It was a big operation, we are talking in the region of £100,000 to £200,000.”

Another haul in Bolton involved a find of over 2,000 cannabis plants being cultivated in a garage.

Police said they had been grown through air fresheners to disguise the smell. There was another smaller find in the attic of a Bolton home.

A Dearne SNT spokesman added: “There is a lot of money involved in this sort of activity. We will act on any information we receive.”