Charity warns of hoax callers targeting Doncaster elderly

Dave Thompson/PA Wire
Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Residents have been warned not to give out bank details over the phone after it an elderly Doncaster woman fell victim to a hoax call.

A spokesman for the Doncaster branch of national charity Age UK said: “We got a phone call from a gentleman asking to speak to a Mr Watson.

“We don’t have anybody of that name working here, and when we spoke to him further he said his mother had received a call from a Mr Watson claiming to be from Age UK and asking for her bank details.

“She gave them to him, so we advised that she cancelled her bank card immediately.

“As far as we’re aware this is the only incident that has taken place, but we want to raise awareness about this kind of thing.

“This lady wasn’t even one of our service users.

“Age UK Doncaster will never ask for bank details over the phone.

“Unfortunately, some older people can be vulnerable, some are socially isolated and others have dementia or other mental illnesses.

“If they receive a phone call from a person who sounds nice and polite they can be quick to trust them.

“If you receive a phone call from Age UK or Age Concern asking for bank details, hang up and call us on 01302 812345 to report it.”