BREAKING: Doncaster Fathers4Justice dad found guilty of defacing Queen’s portrait

Tim Haries
Tim Haries

A Fathers4Justice campaigner from Doncaster has been found guilty of defacing a portrait of the Queen with purple paint while it was hanging in Westminster Abbey.

Tim Haries, who told jurors he vandalised the picture to highlight the “social justice issue of our time”, had denied a charge of causing criminal damage of more than £5,000 but was found guilty by jurors at London’s Southwark Crown Court.

The father-of-two from Bellis Road, Avenue, Balby, smuggled a can of purple spray paint into the abbey on June 13 before scrawling the word “help” on the painting worth £160,000.

Haries, 42, looked straight ahead as the verdict was announced in front of a public gallery full of supporters, many of them dressed in purple, the colour adopted by the campaign group.