Banned driver jailed for stealing Doncaster cancer victim’s car

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A Doncaster woman in remission from cancer out for a meal treat with her husband had her car stolen, a court heard.

Banned driver Ryan Booth, 29, ok advantage as Janet and Andrew Roberts were at an Indian restaurant in Sprotbrough.

Mrs Roberts noticed her handbag had been stolen which contained the keys for the Mini they had travelled in and a £20,000 Kia Sportage at home.

After seeing the Mini had gone Mr Roberts phoned the couple’s baby-sitter and discovered the Kia had been stolen as well.

A mobile phone, purse and wallet were also in the handbag along with cash and personal documents, said Dale Brook, prosecuting.

Police were called and they located the Kia in Sprotbrough but the driver accelerated away and the car was later seen in nearby Shelley Grove, Richmond Hill.

Booth was stood ten to 12 feet away and was seen to throw something over a wall. It turned out to be the keys for the stolen Kia.

Booth was arrested and on the way to the police station officers found wraps of heroin and cocaine on him worth £320 on the streets.

In a victim impact statement Mrs Roberts said she was in remission from cancer and did not need the stress. She had also incurred losses of £1,245.

Booth, of Balby Road, Doncaster, has 11 previous convictions for 30 offences mostly for motoring matters and driving stolen cars. He has twice before been given driving bans totalling five years.

His latest offending happened just weeks after he was given a 12-week prison term which was suspended for a year.

Andrew Smith, defending, said he had a “fascination with driving cars” while banned but had been in custody since November 8 following his arrest. Both stolen cars had been recovered.

Booth admitted stealing the Kia, driving while banned, handling the stolen handbag, possessing Class A drugs and breaching the suspended sentence.

Judge Michael Murphy jailed him for a total of 22 months.

He told Booth: “This wasn’t a joyride, this was going to be passed on and sold. When you take other people’s property it is a lottery as to who you affect.

“I don’t think you intended it but it is a product of people who steal from others. They just don’t know what effect they will have on the victims.

“Therefore the lesson is you shouldn’t steal. This lady’s life may not nhave been ruined but it has not been helped.”

Booth was also given another driving ban of 12 months on top of his current ban.