Crime rates at ten-year low, say new police stats

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Violent crime has fallen across South Yorkshire , according to latest police figures.

There were almost 3,000 fewer victims of violent crime in the last year with crime overall said to be at its lowest level since 1990.

The number of overall offences was down to 101,212 offences, the lowest figure since 1990 when there were 102,309 offences recorded.

Robberies,house burglaries, gun and knife crime are all down, according to the latest statistics.

Police chiefs are delighted with the figures, which reveal that crime dropped by 7.4 per cent between July 2010 and last month. That is 8,064 fewer offences than the same 12 month period the year before.

Violent crime, vehicle crime, offences of criminal damage, burglary and drug crime have all been reduced.

But theft and handling stolen goods are up by 8.6 per cent - or 2,182 crimes -with 27,612 offences recorded last year.

Deputy chief constable Bob Dyson said the force’s success in the fight against crime was down to better technology and an improvement in the way offences are analysed to identify hot spots and patterns emerging.

“Crime is down 35 per cent in the last four years - that’s equivalent to a reduction in over 56,000 offences,” said Mr Dyson.

“To put this in perspective, that number of victims would exceed capacity at a Don Valley Stadium rock concert.

“There are various reasons for the reduction, such as vehicle security making it more difficult for cars to be broken into these days.

“We have become more sophisticated in the way we anaylse crime and are making better use of our resources through giving officers hand-held terminals to be able to access data while they are out dealing with incidents rather than back at a station.”

Officers now had better intelligence, including information about the release of prolific offenders back into the community and working with other partners had also had an impact.