Crime falling in village, top cop claims

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FIGURES revealing crime is down in a village have been released after residents took to a social networking site to voice concerns about break-ins and other issues.

Several Rossington villagers have posted on the area’s Safer Neighbourhood Team’s Facebook page claiming to have been a victim of burglaries, cars being keyed and vehicles having their windscreens smashed.

However, Sgt Russ Higham has hit back saying crime was down in Rossington, despite a slight increase in burglaries recently.

Sgt Higham told the Free Press: “In light of the current concerns over our social media site, I can confidently confirm that there are no apparent crime problems in Rossington.

“Crime is currently down a massive 32 per cent from this time last year. On specific offences that may affect the Rossington public, I can state that burglaries are down nearly 11 per cent (although we have had a slight increase in burglary dwellings), criminal damage is down a massive 55 per cent, vehicle crime is down 49 per cent and violent crime down nearly nine per cent. Anti-social behaviour is down 38 per cent.

“In my position as Safer Neighbourhood Sgt for Rossington, I can say in four years being here that these figures have never been so good.”

The policing team has urged residents not to use its Facebook site to report crimes and instead call the police on 101.