Crazy for their pop star heart throbs

One Direction
One Direction

Having a celebrity crush or idol is a natural part of growing up.

I’m sure we have all had posters of some questionable teeny boppers on our walls at some stage - it’s like a right of passage.

Kate Mason, My Style column.

Kate Mason, My Style column.

I don’t mind admitting sitting for hours writing down the lyrics to Take That tracks and arguing with my friends about which member was our favourite.

I even remember frequently sneaking into my sister’s room to pinch her Oasis book with the amazing picture of Liam Gallagher on the front.

But making a weekly trip to Woolworths to buy my idols’ music, picking up the odd poster from Smash Hits magazine and carving their names into my pencil case with a compass was as crazy as it got.

I vaguely remember the outcry when Take That split up and phone lines were set up in a bid to help girls get through the trauma but that’s nothing compared to the craziness of today’s boy band loving loons.

One Direction fans (or Directioners) as they are affectionately called are a prime example.

It’s not enough simply to support the boys, buy their CDs, dolls, pencil cases, love heart sweets and perfume.

Oh no. Today it’s all about walking the line between avid fan and psychotic stalker and the lines are getting blurred.

Twitter has made the stars of today so much more accessible. We can follow their every move, find out what they are wearing, what they are having for tea and get a glimpse into their personalities that seems far more uncensored than reading the odd magazine interview.

But whilst we might be getting closer to finding out more about the people behind the music the consequences of this are quite alarming.

The pinnacle was when one crazed fan threatened to kill her own dog if the One Direction lads didn’t befriend her on Twitter. She posted a picture of a helpless chihuahua being pinned down by the throat and the next insane image that followed was of a dead dog. Hoax or not the horrendous stunt just highlights how out of control these people are.

And the way the fans turn on every girl who is romantically linked to the boys by issuing death threats is just plain weird - I’m sure if they hadn’t hooked up with the drop dead gorgeous model they’d be nipping round to ask you out, obviously.

I’m not saying all teen fans are the same but there definitely seems to be a lot more crazed fans doing the rounds than when I was growing up.

Come on girls get a grip - there’s nothing wrong with supporting these stars but they are merely there to entertain so stop taking it so seriously.