Crackdown on gang violence

Superintendent Natalie Shaw
Superintendent Natalie Shaw

Police battling to crackdown on gangland violence blighting a Doncaster town have issued a series of injunction orders.

Interim gang injunction orders have been given to five people in Mexborough as officers continue to try and stamp out tensions between rival gangs that have left some residents scared to leave their homes at night.

The five include four men aged 20, 22, 24 and 30-years-old and one woman, 27-years-old, all of whom face up to two-years in prison and an unlimited fine if they breach the order.

Conditions of the order include not associating in public with certain named individuals or entering roads including Schofield Street, York Street, Schofield Park, Oliver Street, Simpson Street and Wood Street.

A further condition bans the possession of any golf clubs, baseball, rounders or cricket bats.

All five are also subject to a curfew at their home addresses between 12am and 6am every night and have been required to submit the details of any vehicles they own, hire or loan, and any mobile phone numbers and sim cards in their control, use or possession to the police.

This comes after flare-up in tensions between the PSB gang and rival group, Windhill Warriors, has seen petrol bombs, machetes, and baseball bats used on the streets over the past few months.

Superintendent Natalie Shaw said: “There have been a number of incidents in the town over the last few months including arson attacks, criminal damage and assaults, all of which we believe have been targeted attacks between two groups and number of those involved are now in prison.

“However, we understand the concerns in the community and that there are still issues in the area, and the interim gang injunction orders will hopefully offer some reassurance that we are exploring all avenues and options available to us to restore peace in the town.

“We have a continued, increased police presence in the area, including extra officers on patrol, mounted officers and various other police resources that have been deployed into the town, to be able to immediately respond should any incidents occur and be available to offer assistance to the public.

“We are determined to make Mexborough a safer place to live, work and visit.”

n Residents are asked to report any issues anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555111 or police on 101