Crackdown on car crime and underage drinking

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RESIDENTS who raised concerns about vehicle crime and underage alcohol sales have had their problems answered thanks to a police crackdown.

The Safer Neighbourhood Teams (SNTs) across Thorne, Moorends, Hatfield and Stainforth have been conducting operations over the last four weeks.

Operations included an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) check particularly at Tudworth Roundabout in Hatfield to reduce the number of people driving without insurance, valid MOT and Tax.

The operations resulted in eight vehicles being seized for the drivers not having valid insurance and 16 drivers reported for offences including speeding, not wearing a seat belt and using a mobile phone whilst driving.

Five drivers were also issued with fines for no MOT and a further five drivers issued with fines for no vehicle tax.

Test purchase operations were carried out across Thorne to determine whether retailers and licensed premises were selling alcohol to underage people.

As part of the test purchase 28 retailers and licensed premises were checked - three licensed premises failed by serving alcohol to people under 18 and were fined and will be monitored.

Officers also conducted vulnerable vehicle operations to identify any vehicles that had valuables on display - 124 vehicles were checked, with 16 identified as vulnerable.

Officers also fitted secure, non-tamper screws to the number plates of 56 vehicles after making checks at car parks including Sainsbury’s car park in King Street, Thorne to protect them from being stolen.

Pc Trev Wood said: “We have conducted a variety of operations with the aim to reduce crime in our areas and make them a more safe and enjoyable place for our residents. We will always take action to tackle any problems or concerns raised, and we would always encourage people to contact us to ensure we can assist in dealing with their issues in their areas.”