Council to take on new framework for construction and highways projects

Neil Poole
Neil Poole

North Lincolnshire Council is currently considering proposals for its construction and highways projects worth around £20m each year to be procured and managed through a new enhanced framework from May 2018.

A framework establishes a list of quality assured contractors that the council can access in both a direct award and mini competition basis as and when needed.

Currently, works are mainly procured and delivered via the Construction and Highways Framework. The framework was originally established in 2014.

Over the last three years, the framework has delivered excellent outcomes including:

Above national average benchmarked key performance outcomes

Value for money outcomes

Over 50 per cent of contractors on the framework are locally based

Various social value benefits including but not limited to employment, skills and apprenticeships

Modern procurement techniques

Delivery of the council’s Capital Programme

National recognition at Government Opportunities Awards 2016

This framework is due to expire in May 2018. The council has an obligation to replace this with a suitable and compliant alternative solution.

A new enhanced version of the current integrated framework arrangement model will be used for construction and highways projects.

The new framework will provide the best mix of value for money, social value and local economic benefit through local suppliers or for recruiting local labour and/or apprenticeships.

There will also be the possibility to collaborate with the National Association of Construction Frameworks for benchmarking purposes.

Initially, the new framework will be for four years but there may be the opportunity for further extensions.

Councillor Neil Poole, cabinet member for Investment, Assets and Employment, said: “By having a framework arrangement for highways and construction projects it ensures that we get best value for money and that the most suitable contractor carries out the work.

“We carried out a consultation exercise to find out whether the current procurement framework is suitable and reflects the priorities and strategic aspirations of the council alongside other potential framework solutions.

“Following feedback from contractors and stakeholders it was decided that the current framework is effective and that this will be used as the basis for the new enhanced framework. The new framework is a continuation and improvement of how the council currently manages construction and highways procurement. This will ensure that the best outcomes are received on future projects.”