Council clamps down on false tax claimants in North Lincolnshire

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Taxpayers across the Isle could benefit after North Lincolnshire Council discovered 800 falsely claimed tax discounts as part of a clampdown.

A review was carried out in which 2,868 people were contacted; of those 760 were found to be falsely claiming a 25 per cent single person council tax discount.

As a result the council has potentially saved £186,973 that was being wrongly-claimed.

The council tax discount review started in August 2014. The council compared its council tax information with other databases to identify those cases where more than one adult may be living at an address and a discount is being claimed.

Anyone who is found to be fraudulently receiving a single person discount will have the discount removed and could face a fine and legal action. A 25 per cent council tax discount is awarded to homes where there is only one adult living at the property.

Between April 2013 and March 2014, the council awarded around 24,000 people in North Lincolnshire a single person discount.

Cabinet member for policy and resources Coun Neil Poole said: “It is unacceptable for people to falsely claim council tax discount when they are clearly not entitled to it. We advised people about the review that would be taking place, which gave them the perfect opportunity to come forward and declare their change in circumstances.

“This review shows that the majority of residents claiming single person discount are genuine. There’s just the minority who continue to break the law. This costs taxpayers thousands of pounds each year. Money that could be better used to help keep council tax bills down for residents.

“If your circumstances have changed, contact us immediately. This will ensure that we are awarding the right level of discount to those that need it most. We are also urging people to get in touch if they suspect someone is falsely claiming council tax discount.”

You can report your change in circumstances to the council on 01724 296093 or email and if anyone knows of someone falsely claiming they can call the fraud hotline on 01724 296666.