Council care kids increase


MORE than 500 children were under the care of Doncaster Council, according to the latest figures.

Numbers released by the Department for Education revealed there were 510 children under local authority care in Doncaster in the 12 months to March 2012.

This shows an increase of 60 children on the previous year and an increase of 110 since 2008, with one of the highest rates in the Yorkshire region.

The numbers are made up of children in foster care, waiting for adoption or in childrens homes.

In the report, it does however state that 35 of these children were formally adopted during the 12 months to March 20012, which meant almost one if five children waiting for an adoptive parent were given one.

A further 210 children ceased to be under the care of the council within this period, for a range of reasons including moving to different areas, finding full-time carers or no longer being classed as a child under authority rules due to their age.