Could you take the challenge?

ADVENTUROUS Dearne Valley residents are being encouraged to take a trip of a lifetime by exploring Mount Kilimanjaro.

The expedition to the summit of the mountain in Tanzania, East Africa, to raise money for Marie Curie Cancer Care.

The ten day challenge takes place between June 7 and 16.

Former volunteer, Chris Kamara, said: “I climbed Kilimanjaro for Marie Curie Cancer Care earlier this year and it was an unbelievable experience with great camaraderie all round.

“There we a lot of people in our group who went up the mountain for personal reasons. I did it for my mum, who was looked after by Marie Curie Nurses at home before she died, and that was what kept me going when the going got really tough.

“I can honestly say that standing on top of the mountain was a real emotional moment and one of the biggest achievements of my life.”

It is hoped the challenge will raise over £60,000 for Marie Curie Cancer Care,To sign up, or to get further information, about the Kilimanjaro Trek, please visit their website at or call us on 08700 340 040.