Concerns raised over number of takeaways in Doncaster

A Doncaster councillor is proposing targeting takeaway outlets to fight the obesity epidemic in the town.

Friday, 3rd February 2017, 12:44 pm
Updated Friday, 3rd February 2017, 12:46 pm
Eating a portion of fish and chips from a takeaway

Bessacarr ward councillor Nick Allen has called for less junk food options in town, which he says would have a positive influence on residents’ overall health.

“I think Doncaster Council should use its influence to limit the proliferation of these establishments because of the impact on public health,” he said.

“Don’t get me wrong on this - I enjoy takeaways as much as anyone but we know too much junk food is causing a problem with obesity in the town.”

His call comes as the Annual Summary for Doncaster’s findings were released to the council on Thursday night.

The report compared Doncaster’s statistics to the national average across 32 health and wellbeing indicators.

Doncaster is faring worse than the NHS national average in 20 of the 32 areas.

One of the worst areas is obese adults. In Doncaster, 30.4 per cent of adults are obese, compared to 23 per cent nationally.

The figures in overweight adults are similar, with 74.4 per cent in Doncaster, compared to 63.8 per cent in England.

In obese children, however, Doncaster is performing better than the national average. Just over 17 per cent of year six children in the town are obese, compared to 19.1 per cent nationally.

There are more children in poverty than the national average in Doncaster, with 23 per cent compared to 19.2 per cent across England.

There are more smokers in Doncaster than the national average, with 21.1 per cent of adults smoking in our town.

Just over 18 per cent of people across England smoke.

Coun Allen said there were positives to come out of the report, with more places to exercise.

“I think the way local amenities at Lakeside have been used to give people opportunities to exercise is very good,” he said.