Comic Rhod Gilbert left puzzled by woman's "eat burgers off my naked body" request to priests at Doncaster pub

Comedian Rhod Gilbert has admitted that a woman who urged a group of priests in Doncaster to eat burgers off her naked body has left him puzzled.

Tuesday, 28th February 2017, 10:41 am
Updated Wednesday, 1st March 2017, 8:23 am
Rhod Gilbert.

The Welsh stand-up comic and television star discussed the bizarre incident in his regular weekend radio show on BBC Wales.

Discussing the tale, which happened in Doncaster's Red Lion pub earlier this month, he said: "How weird is this story?

"Even without the woman this is a weird story."

Fellow comedian and guest Clint Edwards suggested "12 priests eating burgers" sounded like "an alternative line from the 12 Days of Christmas song."

Added Gilbert: "This story begs more questions than it answers."

Earlier this month, we revealed how the woman stunned a group of priests dining in the pub - by demanding they eat burgers off her naked body.

The unnamed woman casually strolled up to the 12-strong group of clergymen at and yelled: "I just wanna lay down naked on your table and you can eat your burgers off me!"

One woman, who witnessed the scene, said: "She just walked up to their table and shouted "you can eat your burgers off my naked body."

"She just started laughing and they all just looked startled."

The group, who were all wearing their ecclesiastical collars, were understood to have been enjoying a quiet meal at the pub, which is also a hotel, when the incident happened.

She added: "Me and my boyfriend and his mate just sat there in shock looking at each other. We couldn't believe she'd said it."