Chevrolet Aveo competitive and stylish

Chevrolet Aveo
Chevrolet Aveo

AMERICAN motor manufacturer, Chevrolet, has finally shaken off all apparent links with Korea’s Daewoo car company which they took over a decade ago following the launch of the all new Aveo supermini writes Bryan Longworth.

For after the takeover the first Chevrolet models were just re-badged versions of Daewoo cars which were aimed at the budget market and lacked the style and flair and quality that GM owned Chevrolet has subsequently introduced to more recent models especially the latest Aveo.

I could not find any reference to Daewoo on my Aveo test car especially under the bonnet where with previous Chevrolet models the Daewoo name could be seen in various places.

But not so with the new Aveo which is very much a GM car combining attractive styling, a user friendly interior with a very economical diesel engine and excellent driving credentials making it a very competitive car in this sector.

My test car was the Aveo 1.3 VCDi 95 Eco LT with a 95bhp diesel engine costing £12,795 which has a combined fuel consumption of 78.4mpg, a top speed of 108mph, a zero to 62mph time of 11.7 seconds and C02 emissions of 95g/km which should make it one of the most popular cars in the range.

There are three trim levels across the range which starts at £9,995 and all of them are covered by Chevrolet’s five year warranty which makes them even more desirable.

My test car had the LT mid range trim including 15 inch alloy wheels, driver information centre including the very useful distance to empty facility and Bluetooth phone compatibility.

The diesel engine which has an eco facility for even better fuel consumption provided an impressive power output and the five speed manual gears were easy to select including reverse which is not always the case even on cars costing much more than the Aveo although I would have liked a bit more “feel” with the steering.

Seating was ample and comfortable with easy access to the rear seats through the rear doors and the boot which did not have a spare wheel was a quite sizeable 290 litres.

What I really liked about the interior was the very user friendly and easy to see instrument panel which clearly showed the speed in a prominent digital display - it is surprising how many speedometers are not all that easy to see especially in bright sunny conditions even in some very expensive cars.

The latest Aveo is an excellent example of just how far the Chevrolet brand has progressed since taking over Daewoo and there are some more very interesting new models in the pipeline one of which will soon be featuring in another road test.

My Verdict: A competitive and stylish supermini.


Model: Chevrolet Aveo 1.3 VCDi 95 Eco LT five door.

Engine: 1.3-litre four cylinder diesel.

Output: 95bhp.

Transmission: Five speed diesel.

Top speed: 108mph.

Aceleration: 0 to62mph 11.7 seconds.

Fuel consumption: Combined 78.4mpg.

C02 emissions: 95g/km.

Price: £12,795.