Showbiz Bafta

Janney danced her way to the stage to collect her supporting actress award and joked that she “could simply murder a glass of water right now”.

She said: “I want to thank Bafta, and I want to clear up a little lie that I’ve perpetrated for the past 30 years. I did not, in fact, graduate from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art.”

The American actress joked that she attended for a “two-week programme” though, and added that it is why she “fell in love with London and the theatre”.

Janney thanked the I, Tonya team, and the film’s writer Steven Rogers, for insisting she play the role of LaVona Fay Golden, figure skater Tonya Harding’s mother.

“You’ve given me a gift I will never forget, my friend, I love you, cheers,” she added to Rogers.

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