‘Celebrities’ and the pot and kettle

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I almost dropped my newspaper when I read benefits claimant White Dee had had a go at boob-op ‘model’ Josie Cunningham.

The words pot and kettle immediately sprang to mind. However, they are both trying to achieve the same ‘celebrity’ status, and there are only so many column inches available.

So, in the interests of fair play, I present you with both. In one corner we have White Dee, TV benefits ‘star’, who made her ‘name’ on Channel 4’s Benefit’s Street. In the other, there’s wannabe ‘glamour’ model Josie Cunningham, famed for demanding a £4,800 breast op on the NHS so she could further her, er, ‘career’.

I don’t care for either, but, in a modern-day media version of bear-baiting, Dee bleats Cunningham’s behaviour has brought ‘shame’ on genuine benefits claimants. You couldn’t make it up.

“This is obviously someone who is seeking publicity, “she says, “but, I cannot work it out; she’s going about it the wrong way.”

All this from Dee, who, despite being ‘depressed’, also has no problem speaking to the world’s media. She’s even admitted her ‘boozy’ jaunts to Magaluf were actually ‘work’, but still insists she’s too ill to do a full-time job. She is, she says, a ‘work’ in progress.

Then there’s Josie Cunningham, who bemoans the public backlash she’s attracted since revealing she considered an abortion for the chance to appear on Big Brother. She decided to keep the baby, but hit the headlines again saying she wouldn’t stop smoking because she’s having a baby boy when she really wanted a girl because that’s what a psychic told her.

Cunningham, who already has two sons, even compared it to driving a standard car against a luxury motor.

The only person I feel sorry for here is the baby. One day he’ll grow up and read what his mum has said about him, and how do you suppose that’ll make him feel? But that’s not all, Cunningham is also reportedly receiving an estimated £6,000 worth of taxpayers handouts to pay for cabs to transport her existing children to school because she says she’s hated, and using public transport gives her ‘anxiety attacks.’

“You wouldn’t see Katie Price get a bus - and I’m much more hated than her.” She whines.

Well, love, have you stopped to think that maybe you might have brought some of this vitriol on yourself? And, while we’re at it, casually announcing you plan to have an abortion whilst proudly displaying your (naked) maternity bump for the cameras does nothing but prove you have a very disturbing attitude when it comes to the value of human life.