Candidate hits out at council’s polling fiasco

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A CANDIDATE standing for a by-election has blasted Doncaster Council for failing to publicise the vote properly.

Jessie Credland, who is bidding for a place on Hatfield Town Council, says polling cards have not been sent to electors.

She said: “It is disgraceful they can’t get right something as simple as organising a by-election. If people don’t know an election is taking place, how are they expected to vote?

“What is the point of candidates producing election leaflets if people aren’t told about what’s going on?”

The vote for three vacant councillors’ positions on the town council takes place next Thursday, and Mrs Credland is fearing a low turnout because of a lack of publicity.

She has a long political history, previously serving as a councillor in Hatfield as well as a Community Group member on Doncaster Council.

She also secured fourth spot in the 2005 mayoral contest and is standing in next week’s election as an independent candidate.

But a spokesman for Doncaster Council said it was not responsible for the election and added: “It is the parish council’s election and they decided not to use poll cards. Publicity is also the parish council’s responsibility.

“All people who elected to vote by post have received applications with the correct polling date on them. There was a human error a while ago on a letter to candidates which mentioned April 28, but this was quickly rectified, and corrected letters were hand-delivered to candidates.”

No-one at Hatfield Town Council was available for comment.