Campaign to cut speeding near schools take off

20mph Now! Caroline Flint and Edlington & Warmsworth councillors joined parents to demand action over speed limits.
20mph Now! Caroline Flint and Edlington & Warmsworth councillors joined parents to demand action over speed limits.

A CAMPAIGN is gathering momentum to improve road safety outside Doncaster schools by lowering speed limits.

One of the borough’s MPs is spearheading the initiative to cut the limit to 20mph on roads outside and near schools.

Parents of children at Edlington Hill Top Primary School have got the ball rolling by launching a petition, with support from Caroline Flint, MP for Don Valley, who joined councillors and parents at Edlington Hill Top at the launch.

The Mayor of Doncaster, Peter Davies, has also indicated support for improved road safety but points to the problem of spending cuts and austerity measures.

And he pointed out that the Labour Party had ‘ample opportunities to take action on this issue during the past 35 years of being in power when money was falling from the sky and the opportunity was wasted’.

Ms Flint said: “The response from parents was incredibly positive. The worry about safety was widespread – one parent even described how she was knocked over.

“At Edlington Hill Top lorries and cars come over the brow of the hill and are at the school before you know it.

“One parent talked about how difficult it is to cross when the crossing attendant isn’t there because of the speed of vehicles.

“So far over 30 schools and half of the parish councils in this constituency support reducing speed limits.

“I hope this petition is promoted widely and spurs the council into doing something to improve road safety near schools. Action by Doncaster Council is long overdue.”

Mr Davies, said: “I am fully supportive of any initiative that improves road safety, in particular for school children in Doncaster.

“Over the last decade we have seen great progress in improving the safety of children on the roads, the number of injuries being almost halved over this period.

“This has been aided by carefully focusing efforts to the areas with the greatest problems, and this policy has clearly been successful.

“Doncaster has an extensive network of 20mph roads, many of which already include schools. Reducing speed limits in areas where we are likely to further reduce accidents will always be considered.

“However, the fact of the matter is money is in short supply due to the antics of the Labour Government and, in any case, the limits are difficult to enforce with the restricted amount of resources available to the police.”

Copies of the petition have been sent to every school in the borough.For more information on the speed limit campaign or to sign the petition online go to

A copy of the petition can be downloaded from the site.

Parking outside schools, often by parents, is another traffic issue that causes concern in schools.