Wind plan scrapped after airport objects

Robin Hood Airport
Robin Hood Airport

plans to build a wind turbine have been scrapped at the last minute after Doncaster Airport said the structure would interfere with radar equipment.

The airport lodged a last-minute objection to the plans to install of 11kw twin-bladed wind turbine on a landfill site at Scabba Wood, Cadeby Road, Sprotbrough.

Doncaster Council planning committee had been recommended to give the scheme the go-ahead.

An airport spokesman said: “It is a known fact that wind turbines located close to airports can impact on the airport’s radar equipment used to assist aircraft navigation, their take-off and landing.

“Due to the location of this particular wind turbine, this would impact on the radar equipment at Robin Hood Airport Doncaster Sheffield and as a consequence the Airport objected to this planning application.

“There are some viable, proven ways to mitigate these issues, however to date none have been put forward by the developer.”

A spokesman from Doncaster Council said the plans were refused following the objections from Doncaster Airport.

Robin Hood Airport was not the only one to oppose the plans as 26 people objected in writing to the development and two further objections were received from a councillor and a community group.

The primary concerns of these objectors were that the turbine would be detrimental to the rural landscape and local property owners and nearby villages would be disturbed by the noise of the turbine.

This is not the first time Doncaster Airport has rasied concerns about proposals for new wind turbines in the area.

An application to build a 29 metre tall wind turbine on land at Newland Farm in Blackdyke Road, Owston Ferry, 
capable of producing 250Kw of electricity was rejected in May amid fears it could affect vital radar equipment at Robin Hood Airport.

The Owston Ferry plans have since been re-submitted and are now set to go before North Lincolnshire planners for a second time following the concerns from the airport.