What are the best and worst car parks in Doncaster?

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The hunt is on to find the best - and worst - car parks in Doncaster.

Mark Addison, owner of vehicle paint specialist Revive! Doncaster, has launched an awards scheme to recognise the town’s parking areas after noticing a marked increase in the number of customer cars with car park related damage.

He said: “Car park damage is one of the most common causes of the scuffs and scrapes I see.

“I thought it would be a good idea to have a closer look at parking facilities within the area. There’s awards for car park security and safety but none for the parking experience itself. We want to recognise those car parks that have got it right and highlight ones that could do better.”

AA research shows that over 50 per cent of motorists on the road are driving around with some form of minor bodywork damage to either wheels or paintwork. The survey revealed a lot of the damage is caused by trying to squeeze into tight parking bays, navigate tight spirals or being damaged by inconsiderate other drivers parking too close.

Judging for the parking awards will take place in June, and the winners will be put forward to the regional finals and then a national final.

The top three best and worst car parks in the country will be named in September.

To nominate a car park for the best or worst award visit https://revive-uk.com/carparkawards/