VIDEO: Westwoodside man develops new mobile app

An innovative Westwoodside entrepreneur has developed a new mobile app that is receiving global acclaim.

Simon Beniston, 46, of Weir Road, recently launched KumBu – an app for Android devices on the Google Play store.

Simon Beniston, of Westwoodside with his new app KumBu. Picture: Andrew Roe

Simon Beniston, of Westwoodside with his new app KumBu. Picture: Andrew Roe

The word KumBu comes from the Swahili translation for memory/reference.

The app allows users to record their moments in time and place and share them to the world.

Simon explained: “The inspiration for the app came from waiting for a late train at Doncaster station platform 1 to arrive.

“Sitting on a bench and wondering who had sat here before, who had been on the platform before, who had stood here before.

“Wouldn’t it be good to leave a moment for others, take a photo and say I was here?”

The married father of two added: “Call it creating a bit of social history for the future by using your phone.

“Obviously there are many apps on the market such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc but this is different way to share moments in time.”

The app is already doing very well, despite only being recently launched, and Simon continued: “I already have moments left by people in a quite a few places in the UK but also Australia, America, India and Portugal.

“It is actually doing quite well in Portugal and is ranked in their top 250 apps on Google Play store.

“It’s good to see something from Doncaster making an impact around the world.”

Previously Simon was Head of Global Mobile Application Development for one of the largest IT companies in the world.

He worked with such clients as NASA, Ebay and Emirate Airlines and in the UK has provided mobile solutions for the likes of NHS, DHL and Costa Coffee.

Simon said: “It has been exciting to launch KumBu - my first mobile application on my own back.

“KumBu is just the first of many apps and I am looking to launch two more mobile applications in January 2015.

“Although KumBu is a consumer app, my main drive going forward is providing solutions for businesses.

“I have development teams I use in UK, Portugal, India and even Peru.”

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