Trendy children’s names lose appeal

PICKINg a trendy name for your baby might seem like a good idea but almost one in ten parents wishes they hadn’t, according to a new study by an online company.

Around eight per cent of the 1,200 parents surveyed across the UK admitted feeling regretful about their choice and more than half that number said they’d based the decision on what was fashionable at the time. A third of them also said their child’s name had since become common.

The findings were revealed by Doncaster-based company which decided to explore the thought processes involved in naming a child.

Run by managing director Wayne Bloor, the website acts as a modern baby book, allows children to own their names online and have a dedicated website to use into adulthood.

Among the names most regretted were Beckham, Apple, Peaches and Kester.

The survey also found that two fifths of parents (41 per cent) had decided on a name before their child was born, six per cent said it took them over a week after the birth while one respondent claimed it had taken more than three months.

Mr Bloor commented: “This was extremely interesting research to conduct as it allowed us to investigate the importance that a child’s name holds with parents. 

“It is a relief to see that the amount of parents that do feel regretful isn’t too large, although having said that, it is sad that there are some who feel that the names they gave to their children are now common and perhaps don’t hold such a special meaning.”