South Yorkshire set for a jobs boom, say employment experts


South Yorkshire is in line for an employment boom over the next year as employers continue to create new jobs.

Job Centre bosses predict further falls in unemployment during 2016, after they reported more positive news for this year.

The number of people in Doncaster claiming Jobseekers’ Allowance has seen a drop of 895 over the last year - a fall of 15 per cent.

Rotherham saw a drop of 915 claimants in the last year, down 18 per cent, while in Barnsley they were down 315 – an eight per cent fall.

Nigel Coleman, an employer account manager at the Job Centre, said the last two years have been really encouraging for job seekers, with the positive trend set to continue.

He added: “It has just been incredible. The last 24 months have been consistently very encouraging.

“Employers in all sectors are wanting to do stuff. We are getting every industry out there knocking on our door.”

Mr Coleman said there are plans to double the size of the Christmas recruitment drive at Meadowhall Shopping Centre next year.

Nationally, the UK employment rate has reached a new record high of 73.9 per cent.

Priti Patel, employment minister, said: “We are ending the year on a high, with a record rate of employment, and wages continuing to grow.”

But the Unite union warned fall in unemployment masked a continued rise in self-employment and low paid part-time work.