Scott hopes training will boost his CV

Scott Charles, of Doncaster. Picture: Marie Caley D4173MC
Scott Charles, of Doncaster. Picture: Marie Caley D4173MC

OFFERING to work for free has been the only option says Scott Charles following limited opportunities in the job market.

The 20-year-old admits to finding it difficult to find work within Doncaster, particularly on a long-term basis.

To help boost his chances, Mr Charles took up a month-long work placement at a charity shop operating the tills and is currently completing a six-week retail training course in a bid to boost his employment opportunities.

However, with the number of unemployed people under the age of 24 increasing by the year in the borough, Mr Charles falls into that unfortunate bracket and reveals it has been hard to get out.

“I’ve always wanted to go into retail because I like chatting to people and working with others, but it has been really hard to find something in this area,” said Mr Charles, of St James’ Street.

“I’ve taken on work placements because I thought it would help my chances of getting something full-time but it is still difficult.

“I must be sending out about 30 applications a week as well as searching through jobsites and going into shops with my CV asking for vacancies. It is very frustrating and quite demoralising at times.

“I’m on a retail course where we’re learning all about customer service which I’m really enjoying, so hopefully something will come from that.”

Mr Charles, who has enlisted the help of the Doncaster branch of training specialists A4E to improve his CV and interview skills, has also worked for three months at the Keepmoat Stadium behind the bar and part-time role at Flares nightclub in the town centre as a glass collector.

He was also awarded the Prince’s Trust Education Achiever of the year in 2007 and is a talented illustrator with the ultimate goal of going into magazine artwork production.