Quick thinking firms

Carl Edwards of Natural Paving and Steve Jagger of Unique Communications.
Carl Edwards of Natural Paving and Steve Jagger of Unique Communications.

NOT TO be outdone by determined cable thieves, four businesses on an industrial park in Belton Road at Sandtoft decided it was time for some quick thinking and called for help from a telecoms provider who wouldn’t suffer the same fate.

Back in July thieves took it upon themselves to rip new telephone cables from the ground only four days after they had been re-laid following the previous week’s copper theft, leaving around 600 local businesses and residents in the Alkborough and Walcot areas without telephone and internet service.

Local firm Unique Communications, the sister company of existing AirFibre network provider Quickline, stepped in to help businesses that were having to run with minimal communications.

“A couple of the neighbouring businesses were already using Quickline’s network, so we knew it was reliable and clearly a great alternative to copper in the ground,” commented Carl Edwards of Natural Paving, one of the affected businesses.

As mobile phone service is reportedly weak in this area, there is a heavy reliance on the landline.

“Our existing telephone provider was able to sort out one phone line for us to keep us operational during this time, however, the situation was becoming untenable and it made us think seriously about our options going forward,” explained Carl.

“It’s ridiculous to expect business to be able to function now without high speed broadband access, let alone with no internet service! We understand how important it is to businesses to have a secure, reliable and scalable service – at an affordable price of course!” explained Steve Jagger, managing director of Unique Communications.

This week saw the installation of the new equipment to be used for high-speed internet access at Natural Paving.

Carl concluded: “What we like about Unique’s service is that unlike many other providers, it doesn’t have a download limit, which means we’re not restricted and we don’t get any nasty shocks when we get the bill.”

“Not only is our service a cost-effective alternative to traditional ADSL, but no phone line is required – which means both savings and no risk of the cable being stolen!” added Steve.