Petrol prices tumble as North Lincolnshire retailers battle for business


Petrol prices have plunged to a four-year low with North Lincolnshire supermarkets and independent retailers cutting unleaded dramatically following a huge drop in crude oil prices.

The price of a barrel of crude oil has dropped by 40 per cent in the past six month with many businesses now passing the saving on to customers.

There is now an intense pump price battle with the average petrol prices back to levels last seen in the autumn of 2010.

According to – a free, fuel price comparison website – leading the way with the cheapest fuel in a ten-mile radius of Epworth is Tesco Scunthorpe Extra at Gunness and Mrh Westcliffe, Burringham Road, Scunthorpe, which have unleaded at 104.9p per litre.

Tying in third place with unleaded at 106.9p are Leyland Central Garage in Belton, Tesco Gainsborough on Beaumont Street and Bridge Filling Station in Gainsborough.

A spokesman for said: “For some weeks now, we’ve been debating how low the prices of petrol and diesel could get. Various industry figures have had their own view on whether we will reach a magical one pound per litre. Well, the UK is getting closer to it, because diesel at 99 pence per litre has been spotted in Ireland.”

According to one Irish newspaper, a service station on the border of Ballyshannon and Belleek is selling diesel for 99.9 pence per litre, and petrol for 102.9 pence per litre.

He continued: “Seeing these prices in Ireland make the prospect of them arriving in the UK seem all the more likely. It seems impossible not to imagine that next week will find us reporting on 99 pence per litre petrol in the UK – but only time will really tell!”

* Prices correct as of January 22.