Mexborough: Pop up stalls blow over in the wind

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Council plans to use pop up gazebo stalls for Mexborough Market have been criticised after recent gales blew them over in the High Street.

Doncaster Council plan to introduce more pop up stalls for traders as part of plans to transform the outdoor market, and make them permanent when the fixed stalls are removed later this year -but some traders say they are unsuitable for use there.

Wendy Bailey of Sew Easy, on the indoor market described the town centre as a ‘wind tunnel’. She said:“ The Monday before Christmas two gazebos had to be taken down because of safety concerns. She said: “One of the traders had to come onto a fixed stall and had no further problems. The fixed stalls can stand the wind, the others can’t.”

However Paula Walford who has sold women’s clothes from a pop up stall in the High Street for three months, said she was ready to wait for more suitable types of stalls to be introduced, despite their She said: ”My gazebo did blow away when we had really bad winds, but these gazebos are just some the council have lent us and there will be different types available when they are made permanent. They need to be bolted to the floor, these ones are only held by weights.” She said her trade had improved since she moved from her spot on the fixed market.