Ex-Bells reporter puts a new spin on marketing

STUART Pearcey.
STUART Pearcey.

INCREASED domination of the business world by the internet has spurred wordsman Stuart Pearcey to re-launch his PR company by returning to his core journalistic skills.

He says the exponential growth of electronic communication over the ten-year life of his company Words and Spaces Ltd has forced the re-think.

“A lot’s happened to the way people do business over the last decade,” he said.

“When I launched Words and Spaces the work we were doing was mostly design for print to help companies promote goods and services.

“Since the banking crisis companies have sought ways to reduce costs, and have moved away from print into a more cost-effective internet model.

“That’s a sound move, but my concern is that they’re not making the most of it,” he said.

His view is that development of the web has created an insatiable appetite for information and an urgency that wasn’t there a decade ago. “Net surfers want instant answers. Failure to write effective text on a web site means the site has failed, no matter how good it looks.

“The re-launched Words and Spaces is seeking to write the business message for client companies, and make sure it’s heard loud and clear.”

Pearcey, whose 40-year career has included several periods on the staff of The Bells, has watched the demise of many traditional skills over that time.

He’s keen that writing doesn’t go too. “Delivering a business message with simple and concise language is more important now than it ever was,” he said.

“I’ve spoken to so many web design companies who steadfastly refuse to offer text creation as part of the package, simply because they can’t do it.

“Their business model is to have clients write their own text. That’s as crazy as buying a car, having it delivered, and then fitting the tyres yourself.

“No-one thinks that’s acceptable. Why should writing text for a new web site be any different?”

He believes web site creation should start from the text. “We’ve just done Christmas. How many beautifully-wrapped gifts were disappointing when you got inside them? That must be wrong. Far better a superb gift in ‘ordinary’ wrapping than the other way around,” he added.

He said: “The pace of life in 2012 means we all have more to achieve in less time, so net surfers crave concise, instant information, and that’s what I want to deliver for companies.

“I’m not advocating a return to the language of Dickens and Shakespeare, but I’m convinced businesses need help in keeping up with the pack in our on-line world, and I want to help them,” he said.

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