Energy efficiency priority for most businesses in South Yorkshire region

Federation of Small Businesses Regional Chairman Gordon Millward
Federation of Small Businesses Regional Chairman Gordon Millward

Nine out of every ten small and medium sized business in the region are seeking to be more energy efficient, a new survey has revealed.

Research by the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) discovered 90 per cent of those who took part in the survey said they are looking at ways to reduce energy costs.

But the research also uncovered a growing trend for factors other than simple cash savings which are driving investment forward.

Seven out of 10 small businesses said protecting the environment was an important motivator for action, while a quarter highlighted improved energy efficiency as a way to attract customers and help promote their business.

The FSB is now calling for energy companies to offer greater upfront and ongoing energy efficiency support and investment to their small business customers.

Gordon Millward, regional chairman for the FSB, said: “Small businesses are really enthusiastic about energy efficiency and this desire should be capitalised on for the good of their business and the environment.

“However, what our research does tell us is a simple ‘one-size fits all’ approach will not work as different businesses are driven by a diverse range of factors.”

The survey also looked at action taken by small businesses and revealed 58 per cent of small businesses had already taken steps towards becoming more energy efficient, such as installing energy efficient lighting.

But 45 per cent said they were prevented from going further because they do not own the premises where they operate.