Doncaster wool market trading fears

Traders on Doncaster’s Wool Market are urging the public to support them after Christmas failed to boost trade.

Market leaders reported a tale of two markets over the festive period, with takings soaring on the food market near Primark, but numbers staying low at the Wool Market.

Andy Pidd, who runs a card stall at the Wool Market, and who is secretary of the Doncaster Market Traders’ Federation, said: “It has been very quiet down this end – we were not getting the customers. They seem to stop at the top end of the market.

“We would usually get a surge over Chistmas, but this year it stayed quiet.

“We get coach trips coming here from as far away as Durham and Manchester, but it is the locals we need to get here.

“I would urge people to come and use the market and not forget this part of it.”

But traders at the food market, closer to the centre of the town, reported one of their best Christmases in years.

Market traders’ federation vice chairman Nigel Berry, who runs a fishmonger’s stall, said he thought this Christmas had been the best for business in four years.

He said: “We’ve had a really good Christmas, and you could tell people were prepared to spend more.

“It had a bit more of a vibe about it and takings were up. It felt like people had a bit more confidence again.”

Plans are already in place to try to boost the market with an investment programme with new stalls brought in and the way to the Wool Market opened up.