Doncaster shopkeeper helps out riot victim

A DONCASTER shopkeeper has come to the aid of a couple whose convenience store burned down in the London riots of summer 2011.

Ravinder and Amrit Khurmy’s entire livelihood was razed to the ground before their eyes after their convenience store in Ealing Green was looted and set alight.

The couple, who have two children, were left facing a huge financial struggle and told their story at the Retail Trust Annual Ball, where they were introduced to Amarjit Bhdaal and his wife Sharan, owners of the SPAR convenience store in Ellers Lane, Auckley.

“After the Ball, all the big boys promised us the world but none of them actually delivered,” said Amrit.

“However, Amarjit suggested we contact SPAR to see if they could help us.”

It turned out to be the perfect suggestion, as the couple have now signed a co-investment trading agreement with SPAR, allowing them to operate once more as independent retailers.

Amarjit, aged 47, said: “When I listened to Amrit and Ravi tell their story I found it sobering. I couldn’t help think about what if it had happened to me.

“I asked people at SPAR if we could help them and liaised between the two parties.

“I was so pleased when I heard they had managed to sign a deal, as they will now benefit from the fantastic SPAR support network and you can never underestimate the value of that.”

The new-look 1,200sq ft store has just opened and Amrit said: “We’re really excited about opening our doors again.

“Our customers are really behind us and we can’t wait to serve them and our local community again.”