Doncaster school is on the road to improved literacy

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Pupils at Trinity Academy have been given the chance to size up a luxury car launched by James Bond, as part of a new literacy initiative.

A £100,000 Range Rover Sport, which was launched by Daniel Craig in New York, took centre stage at the school as part of an exercise designed to help improve the use of the English language.

Year 8 students spent time exploring the Range Rover’s features – including satellite television, Xbox compatibility, automatic rear tailgate opening, automatic sill steps, reverse camera and alloy wheels costing £1,250 each.

Students were then asked to use their command of English to write a sales pitch that would persuade a prospective buyer to order a car.

The range-toppingAutobiography model was borrowed from Stratstone, Doncaster.

Head of English Laura Deighton, said of the initiative: “Reading and writing are hugely important to a successful education because they allow children to access the world at large. Illiteracy is life-limiting.”

She added: “We take it for granted but unless you can read how will you be able to understand instructions, signs, or the labels on medication?”

“If you don’t have the basic skills then your world becomes very narrow.”

Mr Thompson will judge the students’ work and award the best examples with a variety of prizes.

Student Alex Young, 12, said: “It was really amazing seeing a car that Daniel Craig had helped launch and this was a great way to make reading and writing interesting.”