Doncaster revealed as one of the country’s apprenticeship leaders

Mayor Jones and Cllr Blackham with apprentice Luke Briggs
Mayor Jones and Cllr Blackham with apprentice Luke Briggs

Doncaster is one of the country’s leaders for the number of people starting apprenticeships, new figures have revealed.

Provisional data from the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills has shown that 4,030 apprenticeships were started by people in Doncaster in 2014/15 - the eleventh-highest number of any town or city in the UK.

Ranked just behind the major cities of Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield, more apprenticeships were started in Doncaster than in prominent UK cities such as Newcastle, Derby and Cambridge.

Mayor Ros Jones pledged to create more apprenticeships during her time in office.

The data shows that Doncaster is creating apprenticeships, in a range of different disciplines, at a rate almost double the national average.

One such person is Luke Briggs, a horticulture apprentice with the council who has recently passed Level 2 exams while gaining valuable professional experience.

Luke recently met Mayor Jones and Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Cllr Joe Blackham, while speaking to them about his role as part of the Street Scene team.

Luke said: “I’m grateful for having the opportunity to be an apprentice with Doncaster Council as this has given me the knowledge, qualifications and experience needed for me to progress in my chosen career. I would fully recommend apprenticeships as a career starting point to anyone - not only are you learning the theory side, you also gain the invaluable knowledge and expertise from the people doing the job, like managers and co-workers. My plan for the future is to hopefully be set on full-time with the Council and to progress up the career ladder.”

Mayor Jones said: “I am very pleased by the latest apprenticeship figures, which show that we are amongst the national leaders for creating these fantastic opportunities for our residents.

“Meeting people like Luke emphasises that these figures mean more than just a number on a piece of paper – every new apprenticeship created is another opportunity for a local person to fulfil their potential and gain further skills. I am delighted that Doncaster is up there with the biggest cities in the UK in leading this apprenticeships push.”

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