Doncaster bed shop closes following complaints

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The iSleep bed store in Doncaster town centre has closed down after irate customers complained to trading standards.

Doncaster Council has confirmed it has received a number of enquiries about delays in orders being delivered from the Baxter Gate shop.

Customer Mervyn Williams was complaining to a staff member over delays in the arrival of his order when officers arrived at the store. No arrests were made.

Mr Williams, of Elsworth Close, Hyde Park, bought a three-piece suite costing £350 from the company on June 18 and had still not received the furniture when he went in to complain last week.

He said: “I feel like I’m being messed about. Every time I’ve been in here to speak to them about my furniture, the girl in the shop gives me a different excuse and a different date and no matter what I say the boss won’t talk to me on the phone about it.

“Last time they promised my furniture would be delivered and it didn’t turn up they said they had sent me a text message and tried to phone me but they hadn’t because I was there waiting for the call.”

John Lynne, 60, of Church Road, Stainforth, bought two settees and two wardrobes and is still waiting for the furniture after 10 weeks. It cost him £1,200, and he says he is worried he may never receive it.

iSleep Doncaster franchise owner Shaz Hussein said where possible, the company delivers the products ordered within 28 days and has previously offered discounts for customers who have had to wait longer for their furniture. Mr Hussein said he was not aware of any ‘long-term issues’ with trading standards concerning the delivery of items purchased at iSleep in Doncaster.