Decision due on Doncaster markets bus

Doncaster Market Traders' Federation official Nigel Berry at the planned new markets bus stop
Doncaster Market Traders' Federation official Nigel Berry at the planned new markets bus stop

Bus company bosses will decide on whether to keep buses running to Doncaster market in the next few weeks.

First introduced a service taking passengers to the market from the north of the borough following a campaign by The Star.

Buses on the 54 route which stopped at a specially created stop at the market near St George’s Bridge have been temporarily suspended while repair work has been carried out on the bridge.

But the bridge is due to re-open on Monday after the completion of the work ahead of schedule.

First Bus spokesman Brandon Jones said: “The service stopping at the market was run as a trial from Woodlands.

“But because of all the diversions that have had to be put in place while the works have been carried out on the bridge, it is currently suspended.

“But once the work on the bridge is finished, we will look at starting a review.

“We will look at where the best places to stop are, and consult with our partners .

“We will be looking to see if it is the best place, and where people want to go.

“We will discuss it with partners and stakeholders, including the market traders and users.”

Mr Jones said the company had tried to keep disruption to a minimum while the road works were carried out on the bridge.

He said it had been challenging, but recognised the work had been essential.

Doncaster Market Traders Federation committee member Nigel Berry said he would urge the officials to keep the new market service on.

He said: “I know of at least one of my customers who uses it regularly.

“He cannot walk very well, but with that service he can get off at the market and then walk up to the Frenchgate to get back again.

“I would have liked to have seen it promoted more, and they only ran it on market days, but I would urge them to keep the service on.

“It was certainly a help.”

The service meant buses came into the town over the North Bridge and dropped off shoppers at the specially placed stop.

But they had to go the Frenchgate to make the return journey as there was not a stop next to the market for the return journey.

Traders and shoppers had said they wanted a stop that would save people having to walk with shopping from the Market Place to the interchange.

Some services currently also stop on Silver Street.