Council welcomes cash windfall for superfast broadband

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Around 4,000 more homes and businesses will receive superfast broadband, thanks to a further cash injection of £1.2m that together with match funding, will bring a total of £2.4m extra cash to Northern Lincolnshire.

Already, 31,000 homes and businesses in Northern Lincolnshire will receive much faster internet speeds by June 2015.

Those lucky enough to benefit, will see much faster internet speeds of 24 mb or more.

The extra cash comes from the Government through Broadband Delivery UK (BDUK). The council needs to match-fund this and is hoping to attract European funding.

Councillor Neil Poole, cabinet member for Policy and Resources at North Lincolnshire Council, said:

“Having superfast broadband means a great deal to people, not least businesses where they will see real benefits that could enhance their business prospects and help them improve and develop further.

“The extra cash will mean that more businesses and residents can benefit and this will open up new opportunities for everyone lucky enough to receive it.

“We are on target to deliver superfast broadband and are currently visiting those communities that will receive it to explain when and how it will affect them.

“This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring our rural communities in line with urban areas that already have superfast internet speeds.

“Having superfast broadband is a major selling point in attracting new businesses to the area. People are able to communicate and do their business much faster – saving time and money.”