Coal firm strikes it rich with jobs

Pictured (L-R) are Anthony Haywood, Mark Bond and Pat Nulty
Pictured (L-R) are Anthony Haywood, Mark Bond and Pat Nulty

A DONCASTER-based coal firm has appointed new managerial staff as it focuses on overseas operations following the expert advice of business bosses.

RecyCoal, which has its head office in Lakeside Boulevard, delivers sustainable solutions for previously mined and working mine sites across the globe.

Bosses from the Confederation of British Industry, the UK’s top business lobbying organisation, has implored companies to look outside their traditional markets for future growth.

RecyCoal has appointed a quartet of trainee supervisors and managers shortly after recently employing four apprentices at the Doncaster office.

David Stafford, RecyCoal’s sales and marketing manager, said: “Because of the increase in demand for our service and coupled with our company’s strategic overseas expansion plan, we had a requirement for further staff at a managerial level.

“Our four new members will complete a six month training programme before being deployed anywhere in a number of countries we will be operating in.”

David Sparrow and Pat Nulty, who has 35 years of Army experience, have been appointed as trainee site managers. Mark Bond and Anthony Haywood have joined the firm as trainee supervisors.

Mark and Anthony were part of the Royal Artillery and had toured Iraq and Afghanistan using skills in fork truck engineering and communications. Mr Stafford added: “It just happened the best candidates were ex-Armed Forces personnel. Their skills in working in challenging conditions and as part of a team perfectly matched the requirements for these demanding managerial roles.”