Car parking consultation gets underway

Coun David Robinson, MP Andrew Percy and Coun Liz Redfern.
Coun David Robinson, MP Andrew Percy and Coun Liz Redfern.

Contentious car parking issues continue to rumble on in Epworth.

After years of problems with a lack of spaces, badly parked vehicles and concerns about time limits, North Lincolnshire councillors are launching a new consultation to try and address the matter.

The survey will involve Axholme Central ward councillors Liz Redfern and David Robinson visiting traders within the town centre to discover their ambitions for on and off street car parking in the town.

Councillor Redfern said: “Car parking seems a particularly contentious issue at the moment. However I am determined to find a healthy balance which will enable access to car parking spaces when visitors and residents come to the area.”

She added that she was determined that free car parking would continue in the town, adding: “I know that there are some on the town council who don’t share this view, but we need a prosperous town centre to create jobs and to support local business.”

Councillor David Robinson: “We genuinely want to listen to what businesses want from car parking locally. Working with Andrew Percy we have already been able to secure £60,000 to massively improve the number of car parking spaces in the area.

“However if there is an issue of enforcement we need to ensure that enforcement officers only ticket where there is a clear breaking of the rules.

“For my part keeping free car parking is essential to the success of our area. However we must also ensure that the car parking spaces turn over regularly to ensure that residents and visitors continue to visit Epworth.”